Cherry Creek Canadians

Specializing in Heritage Canadian Breeds

Our stallions and Breeding Program

At Cherry Creek Canadians, we chose our stallions specifically for their excellent temperaments, rare bloodlines, conformation, movement, and because we felt that they were very typey examples of "traditional" Canadian Horses.

Of note is the fact that our farm seems to be one of very few where all of the stallions are ridden, shown, and handled for breeding, strictly by their owners, as opposed to professional trainers. We think that this stands as a true testament to their wonderful natures!

Our stallions are well known right across Canada and the US for siring foals that are athletic, good movers (many excelling in dressage and competative driving) and that have exceptional temperaments. As a breeder, it is SO rewarding and exciting to be getting so many postive comments back from our happy and satisfied clients!

Any of our stallions would be a welcome addition to any quality breeding program emphasizing good temperament, natural athleticism, and rare foundation bloodlines.

For more information on each of our stallions, the foals that they have sired, or on the breeding services that we offer, please click on their respective links.