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2018 Foals expected

We have a foal by Fonzie who will be a full sibling to Beauty (shown below). In addition, we have a second foal by Fonzie, expected out of our mare Joly Brigand Pastel May. And a third foal by Merit out of Murphy's Hollow Zipper Solara.

No longer for sale

Cherry Creek Fonzie Beauty, Reg #14061


All black, 14.2 hh

Beauty was foaled April 23, 2014 after a 371 day gestation.  We thought she was never going to come out!

This young mare is quite exceptional. Like her sire Fonzie, and dam Fancy, this filly is very bold, sociable and friendly. She is also a lovely mover with good length of size despite her smaller size. She has been started under saddle and has a good solid walk, trot and canter. She is very unflappable, willing, calm and yet naturally forward. Truly nothing fazes her and her good nature is the epitome of the famous Canadian temperament.

Because Beauty is such a joy, and is everything that we look for in a horse, we were planning on keeping her for ourselves and to add to our breeding program. However as of 2017, due to a very stressful and tumultuous year (due to flood, fires and many other stressful factors) instead we have decided to try to downsize the number of horses that we have. And since this filly is so lovely, we would like her to go to someone who will use and cherish her, and provide her with lots of love and attention that she just sops up. We really want her to go to a home where she will be used and be taken out and able to serve as a wonderful breed ambassador.

Spring 2018 Update

We have now decided to take Beauty off the market.




Cherry Creek Zipper Belle, Reg #14062 - SOLD


Belle was foaled June 7, 2014.

She has sold and went to her new home on PEI in May of 2015.