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Heritage Poultry

Effective spring 2019, we are no longer selling any birds including Chantecler Chickens, Ridley Bronze turkeys and peafowl.

Very occasionally, we have older breeding groups of Chanteclers that we rehome, when we are replenishing our stock. If we have any of these groups available, they will be listed to the right in the news column.  If there are none listed there, we have nothing available.

Ridley Bronze Turkeys

For more information on these friendly, hardy and delightful birds, please see our Ridley Bronze turkey page.

Please note, effective fall 2017, we are no longer selling Ridley Bronze turkeys as we sold off our flock. Although we thoroughly enjoying having and raising them, we were finding that our workload was just getting to be too much.

Chantecler Chickens

We have greatly downsized our Chantecler flock and now maintain a very small flock, pretty much exclusively for eggs for ourselves.

For more information regarding the Chantecler chicken, please refer to their page.



As of Spring 2019, we have sold off all of our peafowl.