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Heritage Poultry

Ridley Bronze Turkeys

For more information on the Ridley Bronze turkey as well as our availability of them for sale, please, see our Ridley Bronze turkey page. Refer to the sidebar titled "2017 News".

Chantecler Chickens

We have greatly downsized our Chantecler flock now so for the most part, usually have little to nothing available for sale.

As of Jan 2018, we are no longer planning on selling any Chanteclers (poultry, eggs or chicks).

When we do have anything for sale, availability will be EXTREMELY limited. See sidebar to the right under "news" as that is where we will list anything we do have available for sale.

Please note: We are NOT a large hatchery! As such, we cannot fulfill large orders for hundreds of chicks or eggs, and nor do we sell meat birds strictly just for slaughter, so please do not contact us with these types of requests.

For more information regarding the Chantecler chicken and our availability, please refer to their page.


We are no longer selling peafowl hatching eggs due to their very poor hatchability (apparently momma peacocks do a much better job than any incubator does!).

We will have sexed juvenile peachicks available for sale late August or September.

Please note: We do not sell any adult peafowl ever.
We sell all of our young peachicks each fall and as such never overwinter any additional adult birds other than our own breeding stock.

For more information about our peafowl, see their page