Cherry Creek Canadians

Specializing in Heritage Canadian Breeds

Welcome to Cherry Creek Canadians

We take immense pride in our program which focuses on the breeding and raising of rare Canadian heritage breeds

Our first and foremost love is for the Canadian Horse, a breed that we discovered in 1994.  We were one of the first Canadian Horse breeders in BC and have now been breeding Canadians for over 25 years. We take immense pride in our breeding program which has produced a number of very beloved, athletic, versatile, quality horses known for their incredible temperaments, all over Canada and the USA.

We also raised and sold Canada's heritage chicken variety, the Chantecler, as well as Ridley Bronze turkeys, another endangered uniquely Canadian heritage variety. However we have had to downsize our efforts with those, so are no longer selling them. 

There is lots of information on our heritage Canadian breeds here, so feel free to take your time and enjoy browsing.

Do be sure to check out our Cdn Horse page as there is tons of information on the breed there, including a comprehensive breed history, information on breeding your mare, as well as valuable advice on buying a Canadian Horse of your own.